The Side Hustle

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Archived Episodes:

"Ghosting out of Business"
Oct 13, 2017
Business Communications, Business Travel, Future Position

"Thousand Year Argument"
Sep 22, 2017
Fruit Party, Post-Hurricane Learnings, Climate Change Belier

"Breaking News"
Sep 08, 2017
Hurrican Preparedness, Big Hero Mix, Crack of Dawn

"The Bottle Episode"
Sep 01, 2017
PTSDermatology, While You Were Working, 200th Episode Retrospective

"Click Bait"
Aug 25, 2017
Fake Newsies, The Lizard Men, NFL Preview

"Too on the Nose"
Aug 11, 2017
Gin Blossoms, Falling for Fun, OSHA Violations

"Gone Toothin"
Aug 04, 2017
Bulletin Board Material, Indian to Indian, New Commodements

"To Sir, With Bird"
Jul 28, 2017
The Bake Shop Boys, Clog Days of Summer, Teacher Student Conference. Brought to you by Pizza Hut and Jimmy's Buttermilk Fried Chicken

"Ken Burned"
Jul 21, 2017
Laura the Dog Hunter, Slushy Shortage, Love on the Clock

"Cupcake Mount Rushmore"
Jul 14, 2017
Cheap on Meat, Dodging Dumbasses, Seat Cushions

"Uncanny Valley of the Dolls"
Jul 07, 2017
While You Were Working, Kidz N Cats, Interwebery Work Friends

"Conversion Therapy"
Jun 30, 2017
God the Oncologist, Lincoln's Ghost, Dying Alone

"Grocery Closets"
Jun 23, 2017
Roach Wars 2, Before You Know It, Game Boy, Bubbles with Big T

"Job Hunt"
Jun 17, 2017
Korean Karaoke, Coworkers for Lunch, Summer Tips

"Musical Chairs"
Jun 2, 2017
Weird Coworkers, Melstac After Dark, Dream Analysis

"Hash Tax"
May 19, 2017
Laura Reviewed, Cody Uninterrupted, Printer Wars

"Morning Ritual"
May 12, 2017
Irish Invasion, Red Head Nymphos, Goose vs. Gator

"Possum Removal"
Apr 28, 2017
Gotcha Guns, Eco Tips w Melstac, Animal Trials

"Self Care"
Apr 21, 2017
Palm Softening, Online Dating, Cody's attempt to share. Sponsored by Walker-Price LLC

"Konmari for Your Love Life"
Apr 07, 2017
Porn Pranks, The Wart Fairy, Games Men Play, Charting Laura

"Taste for Snake"
Mar 31, 2017
Yassuh, Racism at work, Snakes, Barbara Eden

"For A Friend"
Mar 24, 2017
Sex Parties, Romantic Advice, Amateur Porn Soundtrack, Delilah

"The Celebrity Issue"
Mar 17, 2017
Redbook, Celebrity Opinion, Gratitude, Most Psychotic Thing You've Heard This Week, Diva Cup

"Side Hustle After Dark"
Mar 03, 2017
Sex Dream Inception, Ghost Rape, Sexual Harrassment, Barbie Plunger

"A Dick's Worth of Sand"
Feb 24, 2017
Kook Slam PTSD, Wiki White Nationalism, Bachelor Party Therapist, Most Psychotic Thing You've Heard This Week

Feb 17, 2017
American Laura Story, Re-Hires, Passion Play

"The Cone Zone"
Feb 10, 2017
Careers in Radio, The Pointless Project, Interview Tips and Tricks for Interviewers

Feb 03, 2017
Gen X versus kids, Taking FB fights offline, Podcaucusing

"Shark/Drunk Tank"
Jan 13, 2017
Never Meet (for the last time), The Grand Wizard of Dating, Girl Scout Cookies, Slow Drunk Fade Out

"Artificial Intelligence"
Jan 06, 2017
June: Makati City, USO Ball, Tech News, No Hippie Chick

"Death Race 2016"
Dec 30, 2016
Adopted Fam, Extended Lunches, Invention Convention, Cause of Death Game

"Christmas Carroll O'Connor"
Dec 16, 2016
The Birdman, Fonzee Bartin, Edith Bunker, The Xmas Games

"Kernel of Truth"
Dec 09, 2016
Getting in on the groundfloor, Slaughterhouse 2, Chicken Chattin

"You got Schlubered"
Nov 18, 2016
Max Schluber, Grandfolks, Snake man walking

"You Sexist Motherfucker, Pt Boo"
Oct 28, 2016
Mrs. Lambastic, Sexy Beetlejuice, Create your own superhero

"You Sexist Motherfucker"
Oct 21, 2016
Mailbox, Conspiracy Theories, Third Party Boy

"Pause for Tales"
Sep 30, 2016
Chicago Style, MC Stammer, Service Dawgs

"Next Door"
Sep 23, 2016
Scrubbing Calls, Welcome back Coder, App Bubble, Neighbors

"Three Part Harmony"
Sep 09, 2016
Theatur Review, Papa Want Free, Little Tiny Jim Croce

"Dance Chancellor"
Sep 02, 2016
Public Speaking, Shelton's Campaign, Hans Tanzling

"Fighting Tooth and Toenail"
Aug 19, 2016
Feets Fetish, Dildo Suckins, NPR Speech Impediments

"The Enemy of my Anemone"
Aug 12, 2016
Cyst brooch, Pokemon Bro, Gameboy

"Green Lives Matter"
Jul 22, 2016
Shelton and Cody call in sick, work place McCarthyism, Drew and Badr pull a double

"98 Degrees of Nick Lacheytion"
Jul 15, 2016
Cat Stevens Amnesty, Jared Leto dirty talk, Nick Lachey restraining order

"Pool Party"
Jul 01, 2016
Target bathrooms, Maps and Legends, Casual Copy Editing

"Full of Gravy"
Jun 24, 2016
Painstaking Laura, SAHD Dad update, Tinderoni, Gamebwoy

Jun 17, 2016
More Commodements, Capsaicin Kids, Trumpdate

"Gastro Guest"
Jun 10, 2016
Kamron Perry from GastroFest, removing your own stitches, Cody joins a dad group

"The Original 99th Episode"
Jun 04, 2016
Abandoned because it scanned racist, also some family secrets had to be edited out.

May 28, 2016
Delegating work, Summer is Coming, Alligator hammer toss

"Safe Space for MGTOW"
May 21, 2016
Laura fights back then sutures it, Will creates an app, Cody invades a safe space

"Code of Conduct Training"
May 06, 2016
Cafeteria Clams, The Greyest Generation, Annual Reviews

"Linked In"
Apr 29, 2016
American Laura Story returns, Feral Reagan, Triggers

"FY2016-1Q Shareholders Meeting"
Apr 22, 2016
Pretending to challenge the status quo

"The Miseducation of Shelton Hull"
Apr 15, 2016
Cody Republisplains the 2016 Election

"The Waltro"
Apr 08, 2016
Crown Royal fashion, Donnie Darko Playboy Bunnies, The Washington Magic Bullets

"Welcome to the Tarot Dome"
Mar 25, 2016
Upside down cross-stitch, fortune tellering, married peeps

"Pencils Down"
Mar 18, 2016
Millennial seducery, comic book shoppes, fitness intructionals

"Military Time"
Mar 11, 2016
Sink baths, expressed glands, secret squirrels, free chickens

"Workplace Romance"
Mar 04, 2016
Spring holidays, Failed romances, Weird Will Yancovic

"Offshore Hiring"
Feb 26, 2016
Botox modelling, Irish accent challenging, history quizzinq

"The Infirmary"
Feb 19, 2016
Will shows up shithoused, Jen becomes Publix Enemy number 1, Cody almost gets to finish a story, Laura paints

"Competition in the Workplace"
Feb 12, 2016
Mardi Gras, drunk painting, bad rapping, backwards rapping

"Violence in the Workplace"
Jan 29, 2016
Fight or piss, improvised office weapons, Camaro Newton

"Office Politics"
Jan 22, 2016
Naming your nethers, medical marijuana, Shelton Hull (those last 2 unrelated)

"Diversity Training"
Jan 15, 2016
Threatening customers, mood elevators, human rights, 69 is the new 27

"Whiteboard Jungle"
Jan 08, 2016
Go-getters, The Ten Commodements, Haiku on demand

"Mentoring Program"
Dec 18, 2015
Selfish coworkers, silent scolding, xmas makeovers, humbug brag

"Big Pharma"
Dec 11, 2015
Big brother Zane, Cypress Hill at Red Lobster, Brian Dennehy, Asia in Asia

"Email from Corporate"
Dec 04, 2015
Christmas decorations, cootie catcher personality quiz, xmas in florida

Nov 27, 2015
Leftovers, night terrors, and Andy from the "Straight Chilling" podcast

"Conflict Resolution"
Nov 20, 2015
PT Cruiser meet-cute, EPAs, Meyers-Briggs revisisted

"Career Change"
Nov 13, 2015
Photography, sexy students, poorly drawn penises

"Customer is Always Right"
Nov 06, 2015
Bad bar service, shopping cart etiquette, halloween recap

Oct 23, 2015
Death in the workplace, halloween singalong, nightmares

Oct 16, 2015
The job you ain't get, nepotism, new hires, phobias

"Working Remotely"
Oct 9, 2015
Labeling your hypodermics, working from home, HR issues, checking out

"New Business"
Oct 2, 2015
Laura gets screwed over, german measles, gay pride parade, best advice you never got

"Continuing Education"
Sep 18, 2015
Ad hoc meetings, subject matter experts, moonlighting

"Corporate Security"
Sep 11, 2015
CEOs, team building, the Legal Dept

"Defining Our Culture"
Aug 28, 2015
Financial exposure, colleagues, being thrown under the bus

"Division of Labor"
Aug 21, 2015
Cost of daycare, coffee breaks, adherence to procedure

"Pain Points"
Aug 14, 2015
Exercising influence, the placebo effect, managing time off

"The Interview Process"
Aug 07, 2015
Interview questions, buzz words, email etiquette

"Pre-existing Condition"
Jul 31, 2015
Free Medical Advice, Veterans' Affairs, Comparative Marketing Analysis

"Project Management"
Jul 24, 2015
Workers' Comp, seniority, government work

"Somewhat Disagree"
Jul 17, 2015
Customer Service Surveys, Team Building, Orientation

"Business Intelligence"
Jul 10, 2015
.dnim s'lliW ni sdnuos wohs eht woH

"Privately Held"
Jun 26, 2015
Politics in the work place, six sigma, spousal benefits

"Creative License"
Jun 12, 2015
Pets in the work place, magnet programs, careers in art

"Corporate Hierarchy"
Jun 05, 2015
Ladder climbing, cross-training, scrum rooms

"Guerilla Marketing"
May 22, 2015
Getting your foot in the door, millennials, conversion rates

"Difficult Customers"
May 15, 2015
Automated menus, unemployment benefits, buzzwords

"Bring Your Kids To Work Day"
May 08, 2015
Working parents, lactation rooms, child care

"On the Job Training"
May 01, 2015
Ergonomic furniture, sideways mobility, interview techniques

"Labor of Love"
Apr 24, 2015
Overcommitting, Wage equality, MediCare

"Southern Audio-Visual Contract Svcs"
Apr 03, 2015
dba Brandon's

"Customer Satisfaction"
Mar 20, 2015
Smoke breaks, rush hour traffic, name dropping

"Employee Resistance Program"
Mar 13, 2015
Career counseling, 360 degree review, work history

"Travelling for Work"
Mar 06, 2015
Vacation accrual, jargon, reputation

"Dress For the Job You Want"
Feb 27, 2015
Dockers, Careers, Nepotism

Feb 20, 2015
Showing emotions at work, CEO humor, workplace safety

"Business Communications"
Feb 06, 2015
Exercising influence, conference calls, corporate mascots

"Maternity Leave"
Jan 30, 2015
Childbirth, corporate emails and Professor Dana Logan

"Episode 99 - Our 100th Episode"
Jan 23, 2015
Work relationships, business dinners, social media marketing

"Petty Cash"
Jan 02, 2015
Getting along with coworkers, money management, the human turnstile

"The Green Machine"
Dec 26, 2014
Faith in the workplace, neptotism, business casual

"Upward Mobility"
Dec 12, 2014
Promotions, career-pathing, continuing education

"Queen of Discharge"
Dec 05, 2014
Tramputees, EPTs, and Name That Tune

"The Devil's Nip"
Nov 21, 2014
Oversharing at work, accessory nipples, and flea market airbrushing

"Urine Deep"
Nov 14, 2014
Dumb things patients say, bathroom djs, and the 10 Points of Excellence

"Well-positioned to Deliver"
Nov 07, 2014
Creating a culture, pink slip baby shower, and Laura reviews the new Tesla

"Got Yer Nose"
Oct 24, 2014
A meeting with HR, Express delivery, Halloween porn

"Hostile Makeover"
Oct 17, 2014
Changing of The Guard, favoritism and improv

"Half the Fat, One Hundred Percent Bullshit"
Oct 10, 2014
Crosswalks, redheads and Garth Brooks

"A New Orleans Tradition since 1889"
Oct 3, 2014
Zatarain's, work functions, and a long distance phone-mance

"Haha, Made You Racist"
Sep 26, 2014
Mediums, Astrology, and to contrast - Faux Science

"A Very Emergency Problem"
Sep 12, 2014
Vacationing, panhandling, manhandling

"In Triplicate"
Sep 05, 2014
Bad jokes, bad friends.

"Love Love Love Thy Neighbor"
Aug 15, 2014
Cigarette thief, being ugly, and our new segment "Hull on Earth" (I made that up)

"Zero Dark Booty"
Aug 1, 2014
Catholic school, booty goons, and Pinterest newbs

Jul 25, 2014
Volunteering, Olde Tyme Relidgyne, Hipster Ariel

"I'll see you on TV"
Jun 27, 2014
Shelton on CNN, local news, and The Valium Job resolution

"Enter Salmon"
Jun 20, 2014
Religion in the workplace, the science of smell, and are scabies atheist?

"Jim Dada"
Jun 13, 2014
Father's day, the tell-tale tattoo, and Laura's freestyle makes three smile. Bonus skit at 50-minute mark.

"My Favorite Color"
Jun 06, 2014
A pill thief, a trainee, and the rarest of all professions: the art teacher.

"Time Travelling for Dick"
May 30, 2014
While waiting for our new equipment to be set up we got drunk.

"Arian Nation"
May 16, 2014
Myers-Briggs, astrology, and why Michael Hutchence didn't have to die

"Fuck it List"
May 9, 2014
Big Walt returns, stealing from work, being fetishized

"Like a Boss"
May 2, 2014
Cool boss, Carl boss, and the birth of an antihero

"First Jobs"
Apr 25, 2014
Working the door, chunking, and introducing... Lil Scabies!

"Freshly Pissed Off"
Apr 18, 2014
Desk duty, Weird neighborhood kids, dissing those with disabilities

"Kick Out the Jambs"
Apr 11, 2014
Stevie Nicks on a bike, Danny and Krav Madude

"Are You Vicurious?"
Mar 28, 2014
Cody experiences the slow pinch of mortality; Computer Quiz: The SQL

"The Interview"
Mar 21, 2014
Shelton compares his job interview to Manson's parole hearing,Dr. Laura's medical quiz

"Unknown Brown"
Mar 14, 2014
Corporate jargon quiz,bridge tending and using the proper form

"Hey Bro"
Mar 3, 2014
Gossip in the workplace,baby taping and Laura finds her voice

"Weirdos at Work"
Feb 27, 2014
Snakeskin boots aren't appropriate for the corporate environment.

"Rash Decisions"
Feb 20, 2014
A Valentine's Day proposition and a bewigged whore

"Stall Tactics"
Feb 13, 2014
Right of way,handwashing,and other new policies

"Work-Life Balance"
Feb 6, 2014
New direction,new location,and a new hire

Jan 30, 2014
Wrestling and Olympics,but not together.

"The Melee"
Jan 23, 2014
Teenagers,D.A.D.s,and Tyler Perry's Mandea

"District 14"
Jan 16, 2014
Convenience stores,garage sales,and Riverside politics

"Paradise Lost"
Jan 09, 2014
Baymeadows bikini bar,beaches LGBT legislation,and dummycrats vs. reflublicans

"Name Drop"
Dec 19, 2013
Nathan Bedford Forrest,Eartha White,and Russell Spalding Wilson

"You let go and I'll let go too"
Dec 12, 2013
Walt's farewell

"Florida's Loin Cloth"
Oct 03, 2013
UB40,sleeve creep,and jingles

"Humor in Uniform"
Sep 12, 2013
Tom Brady's beard,Sarah's football quiz,and A.G. Gancarski correctly predicts Jags' offensive woes

Sep 05, 2013
Speilberg,sequin tops,and intern Shelton Hull

"Our Deep South Cocktail Hour"
Aug 29, 2013
Jax college scene,trancendental meditation,and All Night Wolves

"In The Dog House"
Aug 15, 2013
Riley Cooper,a pet themed news segment,and a behind the scenes bonus track

"Movie Night"
Aug 01, 2013
What we ♥ about Florida,movie reviews,and The Mile High Lemon Party

"Lines Drawn"
Jul 25, 2013
Walt's Birthday,Jacksonville 8,and our first rage break

"The Opium Den"
Jul 04, 2013
Boomers,bammer weed,and Paul Miller from Chroma

"The Superette"
Jun 27, 2013
Criminal record confessions and the overly convenient store

"The Two Piece"
Jun 20, 2013
Violence begets virtue,Walt's favorite beach bar,and Melody reminisces

"Newlyweds Hadley and Cheryl"
Jun 13, 2013
Lumpia,line-dancing,and mouth whoopee

"In Defense of Drunken Frat Dudes"
Jun 06, 2013
Walt's Spanish vacation,Rain Dogs,and the good lieutenant

"Menudo or Hurricane"
May 30, 2013
Hurricane preparedness,global warming,and a new game

"The Dignity Pole"
May 16, 2013
Pimp chickens,orange dinosaurs,and $$Big Bucks Crew$$

"Brooklyn's in the House"
May 09, 2013
Downtown Jax,the skyway express,and Walt coins a new phrase

"Weird at Sports"
May 02, 2013
NFL draft,sisterly advice,and is Gainesville really "nice"

"Welcome to the Gun Show"
Apr 25, 2013
One Spark,420 post-preview,Boston bombings,and gun shows.

"Utensils of Death"
Apr 18, 2013
Florida's Bong law,naked dance songs,and Dagger Cat Cameron.

"This,is Sexy Marketplace"
Apr 04, 2013
The bathroom chatroom,a textbook case,and Walt's menagerie.

"Digital Rape"
Mar 21, 2013
Drunk pilots,Bill Murray,and Steubenville gets chopped up.

"The Path of Most Resistance"
Mar 14, 2013
Miltary tattoos,ethnic neighborhoods,and Django: the video game is reviewed.

"A Slew of Women"
Mar 07, 2013
Erin Lee of Indie Endeavor discusses elevators,ath-uh-leets,and turns Scott out.

"Shortbox Preview - The Biz"
Feb 28, 2013
Check out the fresh new podcast in the territory... The Shortbox. Listen as professor/artist/ex-Marvel intern Dustin Harewood discusses Rob Liefeld,Jay-Z,and his experience working at Marvel Comics!

"The Valentine's Day Palaver"
Feb 28, 2013
Recorded live on the evening of February 14,2013... and not a Whitman's Sampler among us.

"The Conference Call"
Feb 21, 2013
Here's a sneak peek into how we take care of business.

"Brushes with Fame,Death,and an Iron"
Feb 14, 2013
Scott shares his pain then gives us some Hedberg and wants to cuddle.

"The Hipster Replacement"
Feb 07, 2013
Local musician Pat Lally finally gets to be the front-man!

"Naked Rampage"
Jan 31, 2013
Instagram was made for flea markets.

"Shower Scene"
Jan 24, 2013
Scott has a life altering experience.

Jan 17, 2013
As real as it gets

"The Uncanny eX-Friend"
Jan 10, 2013
Apocalyptic predictions freshly dispatched,it's time to vent.

"Ron Mexico vs. Jerry Sandusky"
Jan 03, 2013
American Futbol... we love too much

"Eye of the Hurricane"
Dec 27, 2012
Ever wonder why you like weird shit?

"New Jacks"
Dec 20, 2012
Introducing The Shortbox podcast,Xmas parties and the return of the jack donkey.

"Buckner Unchained"
Dec 13, 2012
Bethany Buckner discusses her side-hustles

"Hot Dog Pill"
Dec 06, 2012
Words cannot describe...

"Baby Talk"
Nov 29, 2012
Birth details and Friends-giving

"The Hat Trick"
Nov 15, 2012
Lisa Thomas brings the party!

"Two Girls,No Cup"
Nov 08, 2012
Kate and Nikki stop by to entice us.

"Medicinal Mayhem"
Oct 25, 2012
Pre-birth prep,post-op prescriptions,and public promiscuity

"Small Ballin' in October"
Oct 18, 2012
Three dudes,three mics... you know what's gonna happen

"Christina Wagner gets Stabby"
Oct 11, 2012
Local musician Christina Wagner discusses music,aging,and RedTube

"Not of Hispanic Origin"
Sep 27, 2012
JSO,Jags,Jack Donkeys,and Ssscraaatchhh

"Keynote Address"
Sep 13, 2012
Introducing your girlfriend to your stalker and conventional wisdom

"Are you ready for some Tonia?!"
Sep 06, 2012
NFL Season Preview and Tonia has a liquor drink

"The Lawn - she's a seductress,yes?"
Aug 30, 2012
Lawn mowing,cold case files,Cody has a sit down

"Vocal Harmony"
Aug 23, 2012
Accents,Impressions,and LGBT Legislation!

"Closing Ceremonies"
Aug 16, 2012
Olympic-fever Pandemic Ends while Peyton Manning Redefines Handsome.

"Wheels of Justice"
Aug 09, 2012
Brennan whatever-his-name-is details his life changing exoneration.

"Saudi Aurora"
Jul 26, 2012
The regs discuss the Batman premiere theatre shooting and pure cowardice!

"SUNBEARS!,Wolfhounds,and the FBI"
Jul 19, 2012
Jacksonville's premier musical duo drops by to open our hearts with song,and discuss animal penises.

Jul 05, 2012
The super-talented and very trendy Michael LeGrand opens up about rats,neighbors,and baggage.

"Three Dudes,One Podcast"
Jun 28, 2012
Infections,questionable parenting,"green bitches",and a lot of great ideas.

"Touchy Situations"
Jun 21, 2012
Bad haircuts,more football stuff,and the tickle monster.

"Tales from the Walt Side"
Jun 14, 2012
Get to know Walt... biblically.

"Saving Face"
Jun 07, 2012
This inaugural episode features special guests Paul Paxton and Chris Gibson of Crash the Satellites!